Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Congratulations to Matt & Katie in the birth of thier new baby boy. Elijah Teunis born on Monday. All are doing well and we can't be more honored to have Opa's namesake carried on in the USA. We are so blessed to have two beautiful, healthy grandchildren now. More pics later. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers during the pregnancy. Now we get to see what God has in store for Eli as he grows.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday Time at Grandma & Poppy's

Everyone got together again to continue celebrating Kylee's birthday. Friends and family gathered, but Kylee was not her usual self, she had gotten a shot at the doctors earlier this week and it affects showed up today. She did her best to be happy.

Oma & Opa - First Birthday

Well maybe not our first birthday, but it was our first grand daughters first. Kylee turned one on Wednesday the24th. The kids gathered at our house. We thought they had invited us over for dinner and they thought they were coming to our house for dinner. As you can imagine no dinner was planned, so we ordered pizza and enjoyed dinner after all. Jenny brought cupcakes for Kylee's first cake. Keep in mind this is her first full taste of sweets. We are getting together Saturday with Gramma and Poppy to open presents and eat more cake. Not to mention more ICE CREAM.

One of these days we hope to be able to take movies with sound. Might be more enjoyable.We're working on that. Speaking of grand kids......Matt and Katie......we're still waiting forthe news?????? Just recieved a call from the expecting parents and things are starting to happen. Maybe another post tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Surprise.....I still know how to post a blog

I had a few free minutes this evening and decided it'stime to post a new piece of my life on the blog since its been several months. A lot has happened during this time, so much so I have to be sketchy at best. After 3 months of searching the land development field I decided it was time to search in other fields for work. The networking thing really does work. A friend gave me an opportunity in the HVAC field and now Iv'e been working locally as a parts and warehouse manager for about four months. The company is American Residential Services (ARS) and the job is challenging at times, long hours and some weekends, but they seem pleased with the results. Although I took a great salary reduction I am greatful to be employed! God is good.
The house is still on the market and by the grace of God we continue to make our payments and meet our bills.
We have enjoyed our summer seeing our kids and our grand daughter Kylee. As I write this we are preparing for her FIRST birthday. Here are just a few select shots of Kylee growing up.

April 2009

August 2009

August 2009 at the pool
Lunch at Oma's
Play Time with Opa
Cuddle time for Bailey too.
Now that it's September we anxiously await the arrival of Matt and Katies first born due any day. And of course wedding plans are always the topic with Courtney and Stephen which is just around the corner too. Denise is still very involved with her church duties and Angel Food Ministry, so our together time is very limited. Which reminds how precious our time can be.
More later......