Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First's in 2009

Just by chance, you stopped by and low and behold a new posting. There's my first first for 2009.

Well, the real big first for 2009 for me is being terminated from a job after 25 years. So for the first quarter of this year I have been job searching, as well as doing what I can to reduce spending. The house in on the market after two short lived, but wonderful years ( Checkout the link! Everyday I have some time with my Lord and we talk about His plan for us, yet another first for 2009. I have learned to trust Him and accept the situation as a trial for us to build our relationship with Him as well as each other. Everything around us has just become sweeter, and learned never to take anything for granted. I have a lot of lines with bait on the hook, but no nibbles. Although, I am excited for an application yesterday with Chatham County, Ga. as a GIS Tech. Sounds like a fit, so be praying for that!

Last week Sean and Jenny had Kylee baptised at Grace Coastal Church and she just reached 6 months old, another first for 2009. We get to see her a couple times a week and she is full of firsts. See Jenny or Seans facebook for more pics. Rolling on her belly eating cereal and fruits the princess wave. What a joy to see them grow.

We also heard that we are going to have another grand baby, maybe not a first, but we heard about in 2009 a first for Matt and Katie. Ohh boy it's so cool!

Another first, I got an oppurtunity to counsel my brother who is struggling with the same things as I am...unemployment. In February I got a chance to go kayaking with Stephen on the New River in Bluffton another first in 2009. What a thrill the history in rice fields and river banks. Very cool!

Not many pics or other exciting news from the Carolina's just beautiful weather and lots of reminders that God is good and will provide our every need. Thanks to all for your continued prayers!