Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Faces - Thanksgiving 2008

The holiday season has started and we embraced it in a grand way. We traveled to Chattanooga for Thanksgiving week and then returned home to Bluffton with Kylee's great grandparents, the Lindaueres and Matt & Katie, to continue the celebration of family. Many great meals, a couple extra pounds and a little work on the golf swing, some bowling and baby showers were just a few activities that took place. All in all it was a wonderful time. Katie made a comment that every time we gather with family she gets to meet someone new. Tim, Barb and the kids visited for Thanksgiving also. (One of many cousins from Denise's family tree). And when she came here to Bluffton she got to spend time with Kylee.
Now everything is quiet and the dust is settling (oh yea, no dust in a Dutch house), lol, we are getting ready to continue the holiday with a quick trip to Maryland. Then during the Christmas to New Year's week Denise's sister Dee and b-i-l Russ are coming to visit. A tradition we truly embrace. Here's hoping you also embrace family during this holiday season and focus your thoughts on our Lord and Savior, Jesus, who has given us all things.