Sunday, November 16, 2008

Kylee Almost 2 Months

I haven't been posted for a while now. Here's why. The creation of Facebook has made it so easy to keep up with photos and friends. Log on and post a quick note and the responses start flying. A picture here and there; then you find yourself navigating to look at your friends albums. And so on.... So as Denise is busy having pillow fights, searching Jenny's page for the latest Kylee updates and generally seeing what people are up to on Facebook daily, I forget to download pics of my granddaughter for the world to see. Some of us are Old School and are still posting on blogger.
So you don't have to read to much more of me's some of the latest pics. The pink dress (her first) is what she wore to church on Sunday (16th) and then to Oma and Opas for dinner. As with all of us wearing the fancy clothes, it was short lived.
A few photos and then into comfy clothes.
Kylee's first PINK DRESS

Oh, yea I almost forgot that if you wear a PINK dress you
must have PINK ballerina slippers too!
A perfect smile for a perfect dress!
Sean and Jenny fight for camera time. It's more about Kylee, guys!
Bailey checks out this little person that getting all the attention.
What a face!
Not so sure about that big dog, yet.