Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Nursery

Sean and Jenny have been busy painting and decorating the nursery and now they're waiting on Kylee.

We're a little excited, can you tell?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Jennys Having a Baby

Well we are in the midst of a house full of family and I need to make time to let you share in the moment. As I said earlier we are anticipating the arrival ofour granddaugther sometime in late September. So to celebrate, the baby showers have begun. First, one given by the girls at Jenny's work and now this Saturday for family the Mom's are hosting a shower. Family began to arrive Wednesday, first the Lindaure's (Grandma and Papo) with Dee from Chattanooga, and Thursday Matt and Katie with sister Debbi from Maryland. All this to celebrate family. So from peace and quiet we now have a house full. Denise will tell you it's GREAT. I agree. Our house is fulfilling it's purpose.

Jenny and Sean are expecting sometime in late September and both are doing so well. Especially Jenny. She is very camera shy so these are rare glimpses to show her progress. Sean and Jenny are busy at the house painting and setting up the room for Kylee Faye.

24 weeks

30 weeks

30+/- WEEKS