Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just another day....of rain.

Its raining again, just another afternoon thunderstorm. This is the norm for almost a week now. It is much needed rain, since the SC area is in a drought, as most of the southeast. So with that, I guess it's time well spent entering my thoughts on the computer, even though I spend my day on the computer. How else are you going to get to know us? So you may or may not know that I (Brian) work from home. A telecommuter!
My purple Office
(Doesn't come with fuzzy slippers)
My employer is in Maryland and my office is here. After almost two years I have come to appreciate the finer things of working from home, such as being able to work when it's convenient or take time to work in the yard or play a round of golf. Really the best thing is being able to spend time with Denise at the pool. Note: She is working out of the house now so the pool is out. Yes, I have deadlines and need to put in 40 just like you, so it's not all fun and games. Since the move we downsized and now only have one car, so most days Denise takes the car to work and Bailey (the dog) and I are here at home, doing whatever. Some people have been heard saying that I'm a "kept man". Completely a myth.

Looking ahead in the near future, Denise and I will soon become grandparents, since Sean and Jenny are expecting in September sometime. Yet another perk for working out of the house, we will be helping out with the daily care of the baby,once Jenny goes back to work. That's a whole 'nother post. Maybe tomorrow I will start a post with Jenny's progress.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Down at the river's edge

Denise and I were out and about in town on Saturday and decided to take in a little riverside breeze to cool off from the summer heat. We ventured to the May River public dock which is right next door to the Church of The Cross, a church that has survived wars, weather and time. As we sat on the dock and dangled our feet in the water we noticed a gathering on the church lawn. We listened to see what was happening. Several people were dressed in white robes, however, they had old tennis shoes on. What could this be? After singing some praise songs,the people started to gather at the rivers edge. Yes, we were witnessing a baptism. As the parishoners climbed into the river, we heard the gospel choir begin singing "Down To The River To Pray" a traditional folk song. We were captivated by the serenity of the occassion and the melody floating across the river.

Next time we'll have our camera handy so you see what we saw.

Entrance from Calhoun street

Side yard view of the May River

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


June and July seems to be the months for celebrations, what with family and friends birthday's , it never slows down. Just this past week we were out on the town for Jenny's birthday, Courtney's birthday (Stephen's girlfriend) and night berfore last, Stephen's birthday. A good time for fellowship, laughter and always good food. Just a few pics.
Stephen, Sean at Jenny's Birthday Dinner at Bonefish Grill
Stephen and Courtney dinner at Carrabas
Bowling after dinner...
...Dessert from Ritter's (Custard not Ice Cream)!!!! Yumm.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bluffton Life Con't.

We moved to Bluffton without knowing anything about the area, without knowing anything about the SEC and only with the dream of living near the ocean. We sold our home in Maryland and moved into our son's investment townhouse with the anticipation of getting to know the area and taking our time searching for the perfect home. Best laid plans and God's perfect timing lead us here to our current home within a month's time. The home we are in kept popping up on our list of homes to see. So we kept coming back over and over. The floorplan is typical lowcountry style....12' ceilings, open floor plan all on one level (no stairs for later in life). Plenty of space for family, visitors (NO reservations required just call ahead so you'll have clean sheets) and an office. A editorial note: Matt's townhome is still on the market for sale if your interested! Contact me.

So we've settled in to our new space and started to assimilate ourselves into Bluffton life. Where is Bluffton you ask? It is about 12 miles west of Hilton Head, 1/2 hour NW of Savannah, Ga. and 2 hours south of Charleston, SC. Surrounded by the May River and the River and acres of tidal marshland. The sourthern most county of South Carolina. Lots of beauty, lots of water and lots of wildlife. Bluffton is bordered by the May River and was once a fishing village, so as you can imagine, seafood abounds: shrimp, oysters, and the bounty of the sea. One of the things we quickly found out is that it's almost immpossible to find a "Maryland Crab Cake" in the south. The other thing that's hard to find is a "true" Blufftonian. Most everyone who is here is a transplant, just like us. Enough for now.

Temprary Quarters
Home sweet home
The backyard
Sitting room view to the great room

Foyer to great room
Bluffton Oyster Company on the May River

Sunset in the Lowcountry