Friday, June 27, 2008

Bluffton life...

As we got settled into Bluffton life, i noticed one thing is very different here than in the north. CRITTERS! The humid, warm climate brings out all sorts of wonderful things.
First, we had to get used to the "No-see-ums" (basically sand gnats) then the fire ants, anole's, frogs (of all shapes and sizes), wild boar roamin the highway and don't forget the alligators.
The gator pic was taken in our backyard or the 11th fairway to others. Just caught him strollin to the next lagoon. Thought that was basically it when I stepped out into the garage one evening to close the door. It was dark and I took a step down onto the garage floor, it felt squishy and the next thing I knew it was slithering around my leg. I screamed and jumped as I turned on light to find a Copperhead snake "warming up" in my garage. Everyone heard my girlish scream and came running'. We disposed of the snake with an 8 iron. And now I really take every precaution before stepping into the dark! Let someone else close the garage. I am a little more cautious now, but I still am convinced this is a great place to live.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Hooked

We have arrived. After several months of browsing and "lerking", we decided to give blogging a try. So here we are for the world to view and get to know a little bit more about us and South Carolina.
In 2006 Denise and I decided to visit our kids in SC to see what the atraction was in Hilton Head.......then several months later, much to the surprise of our family, we packed our bags and moved. Been here almost 2 years and lovin' it. The climate, the sites and the pace of life is what we dreamed about in Md. The past two years has brought many new experiences as well, I'll tell you about them later.
For now....see ya'll soon.